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All About Trikes

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Style de vie Éducation
Développeur Trike School
14.99 USD

"Experience Trike flying!" All About Trikes is a high definition,
video-based aviation App sporting a fast-paced, yet unbiased introduction to
Trikes (Weight Shift Control Aircraft), the equipment, industry and the
lifestyle. (the Sport Pilot industry & the world of Light Sport Aircraft).

"Clear Prop!" All About Trikes is uniquely edited to promote our entire
sector of aviation - not just a single brand, instructor or supplier. So,
your purchase of our App is respected & appreciated very much BY OUR ENTIRE
INDUSTRY and we will continue to offer more topic-specific videos through
Push Notifications and Updates.

"Extreme flying - high, low, fast & slow!" We originally envisioned the All
About Trikes App to be 100% free, much smaller & would likely take its place
amongst thousands of sales-driven, embellished, false advertisements
typical of many industries. But, over the last 3 years of flying & filming,
it became clear that we are not salesmen. We are pilots. And, as you will
see, our SIMPLE passion for serious adventure & Trike flying is not partial
to any particular brand, dealer, instructor, nor demographic - AND THIS IS

"A view from the cockpit!" Our goal in the All About Trikes App is to
welcome you to the sport, provide a eye-popping visual experience of the
trike flying culture, address the most common questions, AND develop your
basic dialogue. Extra tools & databases are included to ultimately
facilitate your contact with a local Trike Flight Instructor - or maybe
just secure a place on your bucket list...

In this version of the All About Trikes App, you get 8 free videos with more
coming soon!

- Performance
- Safety
- Cost
- Versatility
- Regulations
- Instruction
- Equipment
- Fun

You will want more - and thats totally normal! More videos will follow on a
regular basis, so watch for updates & keep Push Notifications turned ON!